Cats are not oppressed.


"Get Rings" by Geneva Hodgson

I don’t know what it is about this comic, but it has stood out to me since the moment I read it. It’s so simple. but at the same time it’s just very… I don’t even know the right word. It just makes me feel kind of quiet and makes me think.

More cat privilege for y’all.

More cat privilege for y’all.

cat privilege is being idolized no matter what your weight is

cat privilege is never smelling all that bad

Chiyo’s Dad Collection


Cat privilege is having hundreds of cat gifs and sprites, while most animals don’t.


hey remember when tumblr did the whole cats vs sharks thing

Cat privilege is winning that contest.

Cat privilege is being able to get away with these types of comments.

cat privilege is being just the right size to sleep in sunbeams

cat privilege is never having to pee outside in front of all those wandering eyes